Jeff Williams

My name is Jeff Williams and I teach history at  Pompano Beach High School in Broward County Florida. I’ve been teaching History for 21 years in both Miami-Dade and Broward Counties. Having recently completed a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership and pursuing a career in Education Administration, I make my home in Coral Springs,Florida where my wife and I maintain a certified wildlife habitat in our backyard and garden, volunteer at the local nature center, and learn to dance the West Coast Swing.

To keep me (and my students) from being bored out of our minds, I have tried to keep my lessons Relevant and Rigorous, while building trusting Relationships with my students. I have found that using technology and offering a chance for my kids to be creative in their learning helps them to appreciate their learning and, hopefully, come to like history a little bit. It keeps my teaching fresh and honest.


To the right are links to a few of the very interesting projects I have had the opportunity to be involved in, the most recent being the Kindertransport Project and The Williams ClanAlso,are links to the rest of my online life, including my newest obsession: The Song I Woke up Singing.